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If you want to find out more about DCJ, then please go to DCJ Productions, Decemberized or Ductwars.com. Otherwise, I'll give you a brief overview.

DCJ was named in 1999, but reaches back to 1993 when I first got a camera. For about 6 years we just sort of filmed things until we got into computer editing, at which time we've been able to improve considerably. Many of the old movie are very poorly made, but I've included everything here for completeness. Although, the progression towards better movies has been very fine and stretched over 10 years, I've tried to put everything into 3 catagories, Early Years, Silver Years and Golden Years.

The Early Years ranges from 1993 - 1996, when we were just little kids and filmed all sorts of aweful skits and movies, which have very little replay value. But we were young and they are what they are, plus we could still get away with murder and poke fun at bulimics, minorities and people with AIDS.

The Silver Years ranges from 1997 - 1999, and for some reason we matured in the course of a year and started new material and skits. The quality was much better and you can get a laugh or two out of the movies, even if our sets were still pretty bad. Most of the material was adlibed, and everything was filmed in order. We were older, but still thought nothing of poking fun at obesity and drunkenness.

The Golden Years began in 1999 and contiues to the present. This is the hardest catagory to create because our skills and ablilities have improved many more fold during this period, then in the others. But since each movie progresses over the previous, I'd have to create a new era for each movie as they all are much better than the one that came before. So I've taken every movie that has been processed on the computer and not filmed in the order that the final movie is in.

So hopefully that should explain why you'll see images like this:

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