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Name: 12 Days of Christmas
Year: 1987
Era: Early Years
Type: Short
Development Time: 1 day(s)

Early computer animated Christmas slideshow and cartoon.

-12 Days of Christmas
-Christmas Slideshow
-Chris' Slideshow

When I was 7, I noticed that there were 12 days until Christmas, so I started drawing the 12 days of Christmas on paper. I ran out of room and had to continue on a new sheet, but I had no tape. So I made some cuts and tried to connect the paper without adhesive. This barely worked either, so the next logical step was to computerize this process.

Mind you this was in 1987, so the graphics and technology was primitive at best. I didn't even know that CGA graphics cards had video-out, but apparently ours did. So we used the almighty DOS program paint, complete with 8 colors and a keyboard controller cursor, and drew the 12 days of Christmas to make a slideshow out of. Of course being the ways I was, I didn't do an ounce of research and sort of made up the contents after day 7 or so, so the order is note right, and I think I even made up a new set of people for one of the days.

So we ran a cable to a VCR and hooked up a microphone to the audio-in, and I sang alone to the slideshow. I printed off the slideshow as well for reference, but proceeded to forget that I had done so, and winged it. After day 7, I couldn't remember the corresponding group of people or things (probably due to the fact that I made half them up), and didn't see the print-out until I got to day 12.

After the slideshow, I stopped singing and put Bible rap on, followed by the Ghostbuster's Theme as it went into a new slideshow, this time featuring a parasolophus dinosaur saying Hi to my grandparents, which led into a professional slideshow/Christmas demo. I of course butchered this with my annoying 7 year old humorous voiceover about boogers or something, making sure to point out how I did good writing my name in cursive with keyboard controls only.

Finally to wrap this up, Chris drew some 4 year old drawings in Paint and made his own slideshow, which he narrated. After a minute of a runny nose sniffling, he names the drawings as they animate by, which went something like Gooey, Gobble-gooey, car, wizard and a scooter, tarantula, etc… After two rotations, he put the microphone near the speaker to create 30 seconds of feedback, and then the slideshow went on for another 5 minutes.

Merry Christmas…

People Involved: (2)
Chris Thombs - voice-over
Dann Thombs - voice-over

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Songs Used: (2)
Break Out for Jesus
Ghostbusters Theme

Releases: (2)
Chris' Tape Collection [DVD] (2004)
Christmas Tape [VHS] (1987)


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