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Name: Preacher's Wife, The
Year: 1996
Description: We drove up to Maine for a two-day filming session for the Whitney Houston/Denzel Washington movie, The Preacher's Wife. We were casted as extras and had to skate on a pond. The first day went well, but it was a little on the cold side for a full eight hour day. Whitney said 'hi' to me (meaning everyone near me) from 100 feet away. Penny Marshall directed it and yelled at everyone including my brother's skating partner who kept skating in front of the camera and waving her arms.

Day 2, things got interesting. The temperature rose to 40 degrees and pretty much melted all the snow around the pond. They had to blow soap bubbles or shaving cream around the park to make things match up with the prior day. This of course had an effect on the pond too, which was a naturally frozen pond. The effect being that it started melting. They had to cone off certain areas due to huge holes in the ice, and pretty much everywhere else, there was an inch of water over the ice. My sister fell once, which was what we were all hopeing no one would have to do, since then you got soaked and you weren't allowed to leave.

All in all, we spent 16 hours on a melting pond wich wet feet for $100.

People Involved:
Amy Thombs - extra
Chris Thombs - extra
Dann Thombs - extra
Madge Thombs - extra
Mike Thombs - extra

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