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Name: Attic, The
Year: 1998
Era: Silver Years
Type: Collection
Development Time: 1 year(s)

This was a collection of skits done in our attic. It mostly contained McDonalds skits were the person would be rude, or just weird (or my cat once).

-Mc #7 - Hobbes
-Mc #8 - Nervous Guy
-Mc #9 - Snobby
-Gimme a Beer
-The Loner
-Navy Seal Intense Training
-China Place 1
-Mc #10 - One-armed Man
-ITT Technical Institute
-Gimme a Beer 2
-The Loner 2
-Gimme a Beer 2 2
-China Place 2
-Mc #11 - Short Attention Span
-Mc #12 - Voice Activated
-Mc #13 - Speed
-China Place 3
-Soy Sauce Skit
-Aliens 5
-Mirror Faces
-Chris Presents
-Mc #14 - Reader
-Mc #15 - Foreigner
-Mc #16 - Big Guns
-Mc #17 - Blind Man
-Psychiatrist #1 - Word Repeater
-Psychiatrist #2 - Overtalker
-Psychiatrist #3 - Fat Man
-Psychiatrist #4 - Auntie Helga
-Psychiatrist #5 - Mc Employee
-Peace Alien
-Psychiatrist #6 - Scream Ghost
-School Skit
-Psychiatrist #7 - Siamese Twins
-Psychiatrist #8 - Self Esteem
-Mc #18 - Tipping
-He's Back!
-New Song in the West
-Snarkie the Werewolf
-Airport Security
-Interrogation 1
-Interrogation 2
-Mc #19 - Psychic
-A Tale of Fatness
-Job interview #1 - Monotonous
-Job interview #2 - Homey Ebonics
-Job interview #3 - Alien
-Job Interview with a Vampire
-Spice Girls Try-outs
-Covergirl Lipstick
-Chris Troc Comedy
-The Clowns are in Town
-Judge Jody #1
-Bus Monolog #1
-Bus Monolog #2
-Mirror Faces
-Judge Jody #2

-Mc #7 - Hobbes (Dann, Hobbes)
Hobbes plays the role as the Mc Employee and won't answer any questions or take an order.

-Mc #8 - Nervous Guy (Dann, Chris)
It's a Mc Employee's first day and he's nervous and cries at every order. Once the customer is done ordering, he freezes and makes him read off the order.

-Mc #9 - Snobby (Chris, Dann)
The customer comes in an orders the Mc Employee to fulfill his lines. But the jokes on him, because this is Mc, and no one gets their order correct.

-Gimme a Beer (Chris, Dann)
A white trash man wants a beer from his brotha Sammy. Ok, he says, and tosses him a beer. Repeat...

-The Loner (Chris, Dann)
A poor tortured soul is trapped and forced to live in his own attic. He reckons he'll get out one day.

-Navy Seal Intense Training (Dann, Chris)
The most fierce training involves being stabbed and yelled at. At graduation day, the recruits are dead.

-China Place 1 (Dann, Chris)
A man tries to order a chicken and the waiter will not give him that due to the murder of the chickens in electricity water. When he tries to order wine, he can't have that because he'll be drunk driving home.
Finally when he orders shrimp, that's the final straw and the waiter storms out.

-Mc #10 - One-armed Man (Dann, Chris)
For the sake of equal opportunity, nothing goes wrong.

-ITT Technical Institute (Chris, Amy)
ITT wants your children if they're geniuses. One student can't make the cut and has to be taken out. But still send them your children.

-Gimme a Beer 2 (Chris, Amy, Dann)
First attempt, Amy messes up.

-The Loner 2 (Amy, Dann)
Then Amy cries.

-Gimme a Beer 2 . 2 (Chris, Amy, Dann)
Now Sammy's brotha wants food, and it sure does come. So much he gets hit with all the pieces.

-China Place 2 (Dann, Chris)
The manager comes in to complain about the service from the previous incident. He gets the same.

-Alien (Dann, Chris)
Two people search for an alien and find it, but all it wants is food.

-Monsters (Dann, Chris)
Various shots of mirrored faces.

-Mc #11 - Short Attention Span (John, Chris)
The Mc Employee can't keep his concentration and his vision wanders off about the room. He gives up and leaves because there's no orange soda. Later he comes back and tries to hard to concentrate to make up for it, but has a stroke.

-Mc #12 - Voice Activated (John, Chris)
The Mc Employee gets the bright idea to reprogram the computer to be totally voice activated. This of course doesn't work and the computer interprets the order to be boiling soda and alcoholic beverages,
then it gets a virus and crashes.

-Mc #13 - Speed (John, Chris)
The order is read speedily and is given out perfectly.

-China Place 3 (Dann, John, Chris)
A homeless man goes to China Place and is given the best service including turtle egg bird nest soup and lobster bisque, while the rich man gets no service and has to stand. Finally the rich man tries
to take some of the homeless man's food and has to be taken out.

-Soy Sauce Skit (John, Chris, Dann)
A man has the perfect concentration of Ice Tea and it couldn't be better. But the waiter refills his glass ruining the balance, so he has to add more ice tea. The waiter comes back, and this was supposed to be the joke, but we didn't have ice tea or didn't feel like getting it, so we used Soy Sauce instead which of course tasted terrible, and the glass really never needed filling, so everything went downhill from there.

-Aliens 5 (Chris, Amy, Dann)
Again we search for aliens, and find one that wants to be taken home with you.

-Mirror Faces (Chris, Dann)
Random mirror faces.

-Chris Presents (Chris, Dann)
Chris presents himself and explains how he works.

-Mc #14 - Reader (Chris, Dann)
Part of Chris Presents. I got mad because he threw down my book in real life, so I left.

-Mc #15 - Foreigner (Chris, Dann)
A foreigner comes in and looks through a translation book to give his order. He can't find one word, so he gets upset and runs away.

-Mc #16 - Big Guns (Alan, Dann)
In Texas, a man was a new Rodaayo burger and tries to show where it is, but the Mc Employee pulls out a gun to ward him off. The man has his own gun and they continue to outgun each other until the man
pulls out a small gun and therefore loses...for now.

-Mc #17 - Blind Man (Chris, Dann)
The Mc Employee can't see that well and needs huge glasses. The customer take advantage of this and robs him blind. I actually really felt bad while filming this and didn't want to take the money after a while.

-Psychiatrist #1 - Word Repeater (Chris, John)
A common psychiatric trick is to simply repeat the last word the patient says to keep them thinking you're interested.

-Psychiatrist #2 - Overtalker (Chris, Amy)
A girl has problems, but the psychiatrist has no time for this and talk about his own life.

-Psychiatrist #3 - Fat Man (John, Chris)
The psychiatrist is fat and the patient is insane and wants to kill fat people. This causes problems.

-Psychiatrist #4 - Auntie Helga (John, Dann)
Auntie Helga denies everything.

-Psychiatrist #5 - Mc Employee (Chris, John)
The Mc Employee drifts off into his own little world and never comes back.

-Peace Alien (John)
John's Mirror Face

-Psychiatrist #6 - Scream Ghost (John, Chris)
The Scream Ghost needs help, but the psychiatrist is outta here!

-School Skit (Chris, Amy)
This is boring, I have no idea what this is.

-Psychiatrist #7 - Siamese Twins (Chris, Amy)
A girl has issue with her Siamese twin, so the psychiatrist suggests getting rid of her.

-Psychiatrist #8 - Self Esteem (Chris, Amy)
Two girls tease a man who needs help and don't pull any punches.

-Mc #18 - Tipping (Dann, Chris)
The Mc Employee expects tips after every item ordered, but still gives out bad food (if it's food at all).

-He's Back! (Dann, Chris)
The doughboy is back and he's meaner than ever...etc....

-New Song in the West (Dann, Chris)
A new cowboy has come to the west, and he's bad at twirling his gun.

-Snarkie the Werewolf (Dann, Chris)
It's a half moon, so you know what time that is, it's Snarkie the Werewolf time. A local news reporter
covers the story and gets eaten.

-Campout (Chris, Dann)
Two boys have a campout and play truth or dare, which leads to boring results and the tent falling down.

-Airport Security (Chris, Dann, Amy)
A man is on a business trip and gets stopped at the metal detector. The security guard puts a gun in
his bag and this sets off the alarm. He retrieves the gun and sends the man on his way. Then he goes to
Mc, and the employee puts a fry in his bag, which then again causes trouble. Later a woman man puts a
baby in his bag and yells at him for stealing that. When the airport police show up he drops his hat in
the bag and tells him to just get on the plane. He can't because a little girl is now in his bag, and
his ticket is ripped up. Not even knowing where the crowned jewels are will save him now.

-Interrogation 1 (Dann, Chris, John)
A man is interrogated about his appearance and a very vague situation that just ends up confusing him.

-Interrogation 2 (Dann, Chris, John)
A man steals a hundred grand, and is tricked into admitting the interrogator is beautiful, which she

-Henrietta (Dann)
A mirror song about Henrietta.

-Mc #19 - Psychic (John, Chris)
The Mc Employee suddenly comes to the realization that he's psychic and tries to read the customer's
mind. This comes out all wrong, but it's the customer's fault.

-A Tale of Fatness (John, Chris, Dann)
A fat man looses his doughnut, but goes through a life changing journey to recovery.

-Job interview #1 - Monotonous (Dann, Chris)
A man goes for an interview, but the interviewer is very boring and won't talk much.

-Job interview #2 - Homey Ebonics (Dann, Chris)
Yo! You be down with da clunka stuff. It be happening, yo.

-Job interview #3 - Alien (Dann, Chris)
An alien tries to get a job with computers and says he has lots of experience.

-Job Interview with a Vampire (Dann, Chris)
A vampire tries to get a job and promises to have the interviewer's family for dinner.

-Spice Girls Try-outs (Dann, Chris, Amy, Mary)
Since the Spice girls are missing a member or two, a casting call is arranged to find a new member.
Applicants include drunk spice, hillbilly spice, biker spice, Aunt Iota spice, and mall chick spice.

-Covergirl Lipstick (Chris, Mary, Amy)
A parody of the Cover Girl ads with the monotonous non-rhyming poetry that used to play.

-Chris Troc Comedy (Chris, Dann)
Chris jokes galore, it all begins here and never stops.

-The Clowns are in Town (Dann, Chris)
A clown troll and a negative filter make the most horrific thing you could imagine.

-Judge Jody #1 (Dann, Chris, Amy)
A man is suing for falling down when breaking into a house. He has video evidence which shows that he's
to blame.

-Bus Monolog #1 (Chris, Amy, Dan)
A man and girl sit down in a bus and have conversations in their head.

-Bus Monolog #2 (Dann, Amy, Chris)
Same as last one except with a girl and ugly woman.

-Mirror Faces (Dann, Chris)
More mirror fun!

-Judge Jody #2 (Dann, Chris, Amy)
The cases aren't said too loudly and no one really knows what they're doing there.

-Mc skits #1-6 were made before the Attic series, #20 was after.

Website: http://www.dcjproductions.com/dcj/surcharge.shtml

Characters: (132)
Airport Cop - Dann Thombs
Airport Ticket Man - Dann Thombs
Airport Victim - Chris Thombs
Alien Interviewee - Dann Thombs
Alien Searcher 1 - Chris Thombs
Alien Searcher 2 - Dann Thombs
Alien Searcher 3 - Chris Thombs
Aliens Girl - Amy Thombs
Auntie Helga - Dann Thombs
Auntie Helga Spice - Dann Thombs
Biker Spice - Dann Thombs
Bus Passenger 1 - Chris Thombs
Bus Passenger 2 - Amy Thombs
Bus Passenger 3 - Amy Thombs
Bus Passenger 4 - Dann Thombs
Business Man 1 - John Heins
Business Man 2 - Chris Thombs
Camper 1 - Dann Thombs
Camper 2 - Chris Thombs
China Place Guest - Chris Thombs
China Place Manager - Chris Thombs
China Place Waiter - Dann Thombs
Chris Troc - Chris Thombs
Clown Victim - Chris Thombs
Clown, The - Dann Thombs
Cover Girl 1 - Chris Thombs
Cover Girl 2 - Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley
Cover Girl 3 - Amy Thombs
Dannfeld - Dann Thombs
Doughboy - Chris Thombs
Doughboy Victim - Chris Thombs
Drunk Spice - Chris Thombs
Fat Man - John Heins
Fat Mans Friend - Chris Thombs
Feed Me Alien - Dann Thombs
French Man - Chris Thombs
Glutton Girl - Amy Thombs
Goey the Cyclops Thing - Dann Thombs
Henrietta - Dann Thombs
Hillbilly Spice - Amy Thombs
Hobbes - Hobbes
Homeless Man - John Heins
Interrogated 1 - John Heins
Interrogated 2 - John Heins
Interrogator 1 - Chris Thombs
Interrogator 2 - Dann Thombs
Interrogator 3 - Chris Thombs
Interrogator 4 - Dann Thombs
Interviewer 1 - Dann Thombs
Interviewer 2 - Dann Thombs
Interviewer 3 - Chris Thombs
Interviewer 4 - Dann Thombs
ITT Spokeman - Chris Thombs
ITT Student - Amy Thombs
Jimmy - Dann Thombs
Jody Defendant 1 - Amy Thombs
Jody Defendant 2 - Amy Thombs
Jody Plaintiff 1 - Chris Thombs
Jody Plaintiff 2 - Chris Thombs
Judge Jody - Dann Thombs
Kings Inn Spice - Chris Thombs
Kings Inn Spice - Dann Thombs
Kiss Me Woman - Chris Thombs
Loner 2, The - Amy Thombs
Loner, The - Chris Thombs
Mall Chick Spice - Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley
Manny - Chris Thombs
Mario Hilaireo - Chris Thombs
Mc Airport Employee - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #10 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #11 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #12 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #13 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #14 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #15 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #16 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #17 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #18 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #19 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #7 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #8 - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #9 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #10 - Dann Thombs
Mc Employee #11 - John Heins
Mc Employee #12 - John Heins
Mc Employee #13 - John Heins
Mc Employee #15 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #16 - Alan Clayton
Mc Employee #17 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #18 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #19 - John Heins
Mc Employee #7 - Hobbes
Mc Employee #8 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #9 - Dann Thombs
Michael Jackson - Chris Thombs
Monsters Host 1 - Chris Thombs
Monsters Host 2 - Dann Thombs
Naughty Student - Amy Thombs
Navy Seals Intructor - Dann Thombs
Navy Seals Recruit - Chris Thombs
New Song in the West, The - Dann Thombs
Peace Alien - John Heins
Psych Patient #1 - John Heins
Psych Patient #2 - Amy Thombs
Psych Patient #3 - Chris Thombs
Psych Patient #5 - John Heins
Psych Patient #7 - Amy Thombs
Psych Patient #8 - Chris Thombs
Pyschiatrist #1 - Chris Thombs
Pyschiatrist #2 - Chris Thombs
Pyschiatrist #3 - John Heins
Pyschiatrist #4 - John Heins
Pyschiatrist #5 - Chris Thombs
Pyschiatrist #6 - John Heins
Pyschiatrist #7 - Chris Thombs
Pyschiatrist #8 - Amy Thombs
School Teacher - Chris Thombs
Scream Ghost - Chris Thombs
Scream Ghost - Dann Thombs
Security Guard - Dann Thombs
Sheep, The - Chris Thombs
Slippery the Two Lunged Sloth - Chris Thombs
Snarky the Werewolf - Dann Thombs
Stolen Girl - Amy Thombs
Take Me Home Alien - Dann Thombs
Trailer Drunk - Chris Thombs
Trailer Drunk 2 - Amy Thombs
Unknown Creature - Chris Thombs
Vampire Interviewee - Chris Thombs
Walley Eye - Chris Thombs
Woman Man - Dann Thombs
Yes Alien - Dann Thombs

Grouped Characters: (1)
Mc Employees

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People Involved: (7)
Alan Clayton - actor
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Dann Thombs - actor, director
Hobbes - actress
John Heins - actor, director
Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley - actress

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Sets: (2)
Attic, The
My House

Equipment: (1)
Hitachi 8mm Camera

Releases: (3)
Tape 6 [8mm] (1998)
Tape 6 part 1 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Intro - Mc #18
Tape 6 part 2 Collection [DVD] (2004) - He's Back - Judge Jody #2


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