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Name: Hitachi 8mm Camera
Cost: $500
Description: Let's take a look at this $500 wonder. The most convienent feature is the pull-out screen which enables us to see exactly what we're filming. It came with a paper thin remote (after driving 40 miles and complaining to circuit city that they forgot to give it to us) so we no longer need a person to hit the record button for us; good for our 3 person movies, or people constantly laugh in the background when filming. There are some effects but they aren't used much since we have the video capture board. But these are: mosaic, negative, letterbox, mirror, and digital zoom. Fades include: fade to black, fade to b/w, and fade to black and zoom. Some downsides to this camera are lack of external microphone support, and it fuzzes sometimes.

Movies Used For: (17)
Attic, The (1998)
Auntie Helga's Christmas (1998)
Collapse (1999)
Goshzilla (1998)
Hangin' with the Homey-o's (1998)
Lamb-cha's Adventure (1998)
Movie Reviews (1998)
Nerd 2 Turd in 3 days (1998)
Qui s'ont foit? (1999)
Six Aces (2000)
Skits 1998 (1998)
Skits 1999 (1999)
Skits 2000 (2000)
Statue of Goodness, The (1999)
Stupid Karate Kid 3, The (1997)
Vengeance of Hobbes (1998)
WHO Cares (1998)

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