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Name: Auntie Helga's Christmas
Year: 1998
Era: Silver Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 1 day(s)

First introduced in the Stupid Karate Kid 3, Auntie Helga was welcomed with love by everyone. She even had a starring role as Aunt Iota in Duct Wars: The Silver Alien. But here she reenacts everyone's favorite Christmas story: A Christmas Carol. Bob Cratchet is working for next to nothing, and doesn't get any coal for the fire. He has to prick his finger for blood so he can write, and he is not allowed to go to the GAP. At home, his daughter is going to die, so she must finish her dusting quickly. Then at night Auntie Helga comes home and is greeted by carolers singing Du Hast, and she head bangs to it. Then she goes to sleep, only to wake up later by Marley because he is playing Grand Theft Auto. Marley leaves and comes back and warns her about three ghosts who will visit during the night. The first ghost comes and is only a head. He shows her the past. Then the ghost of the present comes and is huge. He shows her Bob Cratchet holding his daughter's skull on a stick pretending she is alive. Then the Scream guy comes and tries to kill her, but she thinks he is the ghost of the future, so she leaves to see what the future will hold. The real ghost of the future comes and is confused why she isn't there. He meets up with the Scream guy and gets stabbed. Auntie Helga never learns her lesson and feed scraps from the largest turkey to Bob Cratchet who has to beg for them under the table.

Website: http://www.dcjproductions.com/dcj/helgacarol.shtml

Characters: (11)
Auntie Helga - Dann Thombs
Christmas Boy - Amy Thombs
Crachet - Chris Thombs
Ghost of Christmas Future - John Heins
Ghost of Christmas Past - John Heins
Ghost of Christmas Present - John Heins
Little Timmy Tubby - Amy Thombs
Marley - John Heins
Not a Masterpiece Host - John Heins
Scream Ghost - Chris Thombs
Scream Ghost - Dann Thombs

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People Involved: (4)
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor
Dann Thombs - actor, director
John Heins - actor

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Sets: (1)
My House

Equipment: (1)
Hitachi 8mm Camera

Songs Used: (2)
Rammstein - Du Hast (Clawfinger remix) on Du Hast single (1997)
Transsiberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve (Sarajevo) on Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996)

Releases: (3)
DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VCD] (2001) - Captured on computer as 320x240, so quality was sub-par. Camera was also breaking and the sound was cutting out.
Tape 7 [8mm] (1999)
Tape 7 Collection [DVD] (2004)


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